Professional Dancer • Teacher Coach

Maura started ballroom dancing at the age of 4 in the small, picturesque city of Brindisi in Southern Italy. It all started with watching the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars and falling in love with everything she saw, from the dancing to the sparkly dresses.

Once she started her dance journey, Maura found her biggest challenge was to find a partner. Unsurprisingly, it was difficult to find a boy interested in ballroom dancing. But with a little luck and promise of candy + homework help, it worked. With her partner of 10 years, Maura accomplished great results in competitions all over Italy and Europe.

Her love of all things dance saw Maura through many challenges both on and off the floor, including bullying in her adolescence. However her passion grew stronger than ever during these tough times and drove her to become an Italian Ballroom Dance Champion in the International Standard division.

To further pursue her dance career, Maura moved to the United States four years ago where she has since expanded her repertoire to now include American Smooth and Rhythm. Adapting to this new lifestyle, and a new language, has presented an exciting new challenge for her.

But, for her dance passion, Maura would do anything ... and that's exactly what she's done!

Being a dancer is more than just about passion, it’s something I can’t live without. The dance floor is my real home, a space where I can be free to be whatever I want to be." - Maura