Top Things for a Competition

2023 has started and our next competition that we will be dancing at is a 5 hour flight away. This can be daunting for many people excpecially what are the necessities for when it comes to being prepared. Below are a few different lists that as a competitor you will want.

This might seem a small thing, but when you are at a hotel you may or not be able to find something for a headache, sore muscles or feet. Taking a small $5 bottle from home will make it easier to get some relief as well as not get charged for $5 for 2 pills.

This could be from sitting to long on a please, feet are sore from dancing or wearing nice shoes out. You can always get a bag of ice somewhere but having one that doesn't leak can make it easier and less messy.

This is a personal favorite, but it is really any little sugar snack to help you get through the day. Depending on how much you are dancing you can't just sit and eat for a while. Sugar is burned very fast while you dance and having a favorite snack can get you through a long day.

Most competitions provide water. Drinking water while you are traveling will help stay regular and help prevent inflammation while traveling. Never fails that people look like they are bloated after the travel. Drinking plenty of water will help prevent that.

This is to get you pumped up. Sometime after a long travel time and long days you need some energetic music. This is similar to how athletes listen to music to get hyped in the morning before a big game. Get that playlist that never fails to get you going in the morning.

Get ready the night before. One less thing to worry about. Gets you calmed and ready so that in the morning you are ready to go.

Just like with the candy, you will not always have time to eat. Protein bars are a good way to make it to the next meal. Also is wont mess up your make up as much. 

This sounds dopy, but you need someone that will help you. Not everyone is lucky to have someone. If there is someone that is willing to help you let them. Sometimes something as simple as getting your lunch will give you that extra 30 min of rest that you need to make it through the day. The more you dance the more help you will need.

You never know what might happen. Bringing an extra dress, shoes, anything just incase you lose one in travel, gets rippes, or whatever this will help you stay preparred.

Seem like everyone forgets their shoebrush. Most of the time you can purchase one, but you don't usually realize you need it until you are going to go on the floor, and no one ever seems to have one on them.

You never know what mught rip or fall apart. This can be hair pins to safety pins to a sowing kit. Something that small can make a difference in you dress staying up or a pair of pants working.